Thursday, 30 August 2018

philosophy in my art, 30/Aug./2018

The art contributes itself to the improvement of human psyche. It is the sincere and real creation which can be the inspiration for people to gain what their spirits ask for and desire. However, in the reality, there are few cases which have achieved this tasks. Through the entire human history, this process has been distorted and manipulated by certain people who were supposed to discipline others. It is crucial to notice this distortion and manipulation, and then to go back to the initial, essential, sincere path only by which the truth can appear in front of us.


Saturday, 25 August 2018

philosophy in my art, 25/Aug./2018

There are two pivotal factors in order to explain my art style. It is to say that my unique style is worth the existence because of its meanings as well as aesthetics.

In terms of the aesthetics, for instance, transparency and simplicity represent the beauty. It is endorsed by the art history. Simultaneously, it gains the universally steady recognition and satisfies the contemporary demands and senses.

For the meanings, it contains the individual issues which human beings fundamentally and incessantly suffer since the beginning of the history, and the social issues which are caused by human activities.

The invisible is embodied and visualised by the artist with a unique method which allows him to have access to the source of inspiration.





Tuesday, 14 August 2018

philosophy in my art, 14/Aug./2018

Abstract expression has the superiority over figurative one regarding the inspirational effect to the audience through artwork.

Artists, in general, sometimes have challenged to express the truth which they sensed and captured by abstracting the figurative phenomena. First, they practised the figurative and then have gradually approached the abstractive. For instance, Claude Monet, a French impressionist, and William Turner, an English painter, are the good examples of successful artists in the term. Many artists have followed them since. 

However, if there is the truth in the abstraction people seek, how come artists should start practicing representational works? It happens when people follow the standard; to begin creation by seeing and then creating the concrete things we easily find in normal situations. The embodied things confine people in a restricted area where people don’t doubt biased notions which enclose their perspectives. In the end, it necessitates artists to get around the focal point until they consequently notice that they can reach the truth through the abstractness. In the light of this, this abstractness has the essence of the sincerity or at least can lead us to the authenticity. It is because the abstraction offers people more spaces to connect them with the truth. We, human beings, have the natural ability to capture the important things by first feeling and sensing, and then later understand logically. Scientists who have achieved prime performances also have recognised this creation cycle. They, initially, grasped an abstract idea of necessity and, subsequently, invented a tangible solution. 

As have already been shown, the abstractive precedes the figurative. Therefore, it is simple and straightforward if we firstly manage the abstract and distill the truth from it.





August 2018