Friday, 1 April 2016

Exhibition "INSIGHT OUT" @ Gallery KOMAGOME1-14cas in Tokyo

【Exhibition Title】“ INSIGHT OUT ”

【Artist Information】
・Haruyasu YANAGI : Conceptual Artist
Haruyasu YANAGI specialises in conceptual art creating paintings, objects and installations. Through the approach into potential, light and hope within his and others, he intends to inspire the holistic interaction with audience.

・IOROI : Urban and Contemporary Artist
IOROI produces works that incorporate words. The theme of her expression is to throw queries directly on human psychology and behaviour as a visual message. She continues her activities without being bound to the frame from contemporary art to street art. 

Haruyasu YANAGI is an expert to create art works through which the audience is led from a conscious world to a subconscious one. They are mostly abstract. The main theme of his work is about the potential which every creature is born with. This time, the audience is expected to encounter some of his essential works.

IOROI is an artist who embraces words. By taking words directly into her works, her art causes inspiration throughout her audience. The words transform the negative to positive. In this exhibit, she shows some pieces from a mural she has made recently. Her art works contain bidimensional works and some with tridimensional aspects.

This is their first collaborative project.
They share the importance of the quality of image and stylishness using minimum expression in their unique ways. Through their works, the audience enters a world where they can self-reflect and meditate, and begin to see the world in a new perspective. In turn, it causes them to experience a feeling of divine INSIGHT OUT of their soul. 
This is a very unique and rare opportunity to witness the first collaboration of these two promising artists. 

【Exhibition Information】

Artists:Haruyasu YANAGI, IOROI
Date : April 15(Fri) - 24(Sun) 1:00 - 7:00p.m.
Reception : 15(Fri) 6:00 - 8:00pm
closed : April 19 (Tue)

Venue : Gallery KOMAGOME 1-14 cas
1-14-6 Komagome, Toshiba-Ward, Tokyo

Curator : Eunmi Lee(Gallery KOMAGOME 1-14cas)

Curator : Eunmi Lee(Gallery KOMAGOME 1-14cas)

Gallery KOMAGOME cas 1-14 
1-14-6 Komagome, Toshiba-Ward, Tokyo

 Tel : 03-3946-3481
Fax : 03-3946-8497

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